A comprehensive testing organization supporting industries of the new era.

Our laboratory services have a broad range of testing/inspection services spanning from not only textiles (staple, filament & spun yarns, woven & knitted fabrics, and finished products), but also leathers, rubbers, chemical products, paper items and other industrial supplies, followed by their certification required.

Also included in this service categories are performance evaluation of functional materials (antibacterial, photocatalyst, deodorant, etc.) as well as a variety of analytical tests with regard to the environmental problems.

International Testing Organization.

KAKEN is a testing organization assessed and accredited by JNLA based on ISO/IEC 17025.

KAKEN has also acquired the ISO 9001:2000 certification.

As a testing organization designated and/or accredited by government agencies and various associations and highly reputed internationally, KAKEN has now actively engaged in promoting technical exchanges and cooperation with noted overseas counterparts.

Furthermore, we set up our own testing laboratories overseas.

A third-party testing organization representing Japan.

As a general incorporated foundation, KAKEN is a third-party testing organization for procurement of government agencies and general commercial transactions.

Our Services (1/3)

Colorfastness test Physical Property test Electrostatic propensity test Flammability test Washability test

Garments and Textile goods

Quality Labeling Promotional Services

  • Quality testing & technical guidance for promotion of proper labeling on fiber composition, care instructions and other items required as set forth in the Household Goods Quality Labeling Law of Japan.
  • Validation of proper labeling for supplies to department stores, mass merchandisers, mail-order companies, and for other commodities.
  • Quality testing & technical guidance on proper labeling of imported products.
  • Advisory, consultant and personnel training services related to quality labeling.

Apparel Service

  • Preparation of in-house standards and specifications for manufacturers on their behalf, including quality standards and garment specifications.
  • Traveling, field guidance service for quality/process control at sewing factories, etc.
  • Visual inspections, quality testing, and wear tests for various sorts of garments.
  • Research and development services by commissioning, such as choice of proper fabrics and search for the best sewing conditions involved in the development of new products.
  • Sampling inspections of garments and other apparel goods pursuant to KAKEN Sampling Standard.

Agency Service for Quality Control Activities

  • Quality control services on behalf of manufacturers, including acceptance inspection of fabrics, delivery inspection of products and laboratory testing.
  • Inspection of imported goods on behalf of trading companies and/or quality control services for their affiliated factories.
  • Inspection of supplied merchandise and storefront articles on behalf of department stores, mass merchandisers and mail-order companies.
  • Training and guidance on quality control operation for corporate marketing, sales and planning personnel.

Evaluation Testing of Complained Goods

  • Cause analysis and evaluation of complained articles, and certification thereof.
  • Investigation into causes of manufacturing defects involved in complained articles, and follow-up advising for quality improvement.
  • Other advisory services for settlement of complaints.

Technical Consultancy

  • Introduction and improvement of quality control system, and training of QC staf.
  • Research and survey associated with product development activities.
  • Verification of quality labels for products to be put on exhibition, and related testing.
  • Conducting seminars & training courses, and publishing technical literature and other publications.
  • Technical advisory services for quality improvement and upgrading of rejected products and those in trouble.

Overseas Operation

  • Testing and inspections of supplies to overseas department stores and specialty shops in accordance with their acceptance specifications.
  • esting and inspections of commodities at KAKEN overseas branch laboratories and service tie-up testing institutes (Hong Kong, Shanghai, Qingdao, Dalian, Ningbo and Wuxi in China; Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam and others).

Our Services (2/3)

Testing other than garments and textile goods

In addition to garments and textile goods, KAKEN's testing services stretch over apparel ornaments and accessories, consumer commodities, industrial materials and even including advanced technology fields, along with technical advisory services, as required according to product applications.

The detachment strength examination of the list bottom (Shoes)


Testing of outsole peel strength, outsole flexure and abrasion resistances, vamp peel strength, instep strap pullout resistance, heel set strength, bending strength, water resistance, etc.

Leak testing machine


Leak test and various performances testing, including for rib strength, rib bending strength, rod tensile and bending strengths, fabric water resistance and repellency, analysis of metal plating, corrosion resistance, etc.

Biaxial tensile tester for geotexitiles

Building Materials, Wall Paper and Industrial Materials

Testing of tensile strength, thickness and permeability of geotextiles, measurements of VOC and formaldehyde emissions, cone calorimetric testing, etc.

Ball rolling distance

Artificial Pitch

Testing of shock absorption, traction, sole sliding property, etc. Testing for vertical rebound height, rolling distance and bouncing speed of balls, etc.


Testing of handle tensile strength, seaming resistance, drop impact strength of suitcases, caster travel motion and shock-resistant travel motion, color fastness, etc.

Sundry Articles

Metal component analysis of accessories, color fastness test and appearance inspection of belts, purses, wallets and other small articles, etc.

Consumer commodities

Safety, functionality, durability and other necessary tests for interior goods and furniture, etc.

Our Services (3/3)

Performance evaluation of functional materials

Also available are various characteristic tests that will define your newly developed products as well as testing for general commercial transactions.

A creature examination room


  • Evaluation of antibacterial products.
  • Evaluation of mildew proof and antitick products.
  • Evaluation of blood and viral barriers.
  • Evaluation of bacterial barrier.
Clean room being tested for dusting characterristics

Clean rooms

  • Assessment of dusting characteristics.
  • Evaluation of dust collecting efficiency.


  • Assessment of deodorization.
  • Analysis of smell composition.


  • Evaluation of ultraviolet radiation control products.
  • Performance evaluation of photocatalysts.
  • Measurements of light-shielding levels.


  • Measurements of VOC emission levels.

Thermal Shield and Combustion

  • Evaluation of heat shield.
  • Evaluation of fire retardant.
Environmental test room


  • Assessment of constant hot/cold feeling temperatures.
  • Heat reserve evaluation.
  • Absorbing humidity evaluation.
  • Evaluation of sweat absorption and quick drying property.
  • Evaluation of far infrared radiation.
  • Evaluation of heat insulation.
  • Measurement of exothermic temperatures during moisture absorption.
Instrumental analysis room (Composition analysis by the plasma emission of light spectroscopic analysis)

Chemical Compounds

  • Durability assessment.
  • Evaluation of chemical resistance.
  • Chemical composition analysis (using various analyzers).
  • Thermal analysis.

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Overseas Standards Testing Laboratory.

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Name KAKEN TEST CENTER General Incorporated Foundation. (abbreviation: KAKEN)
President Umetaro Nagao
Establishment December 15, 1948
Capital 1 Billion
Offices Head Office (Mitsui Annex No.2) 4-4-20, Hongokucho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0021
Domestic Harajuku, Meguro, Horidome, Kawaguchi, Nagoya, Ichinomiya, Fukui, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Fukuyama
Overseas Branch & Group companies KAKEN HONG KONG,
KAKEN Ltd. (Inspection/Needle detection, Logistics processing)
Affiliated Institutes KOTITI Testing & Research Institute[Seoul],
Bangladesh Dhaka (KOTITI) ,
Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services(BVCPS VIETNAM、TAIWAN),
OMIC Consumer Products Inspection & Testing Co.,Ltd.(OMIC COPIT)[Bangkok]
Number of Staff abt. 500
Services Testing & certification of supplies to government and municipal offices, public-service corporations.
Testing & certification of supplies to department stores, large volume chain stores, and mail-order companies.
Testing & certification for general commercial transactions.
Testing & certification of automobile's and aircraft's interiors, geotextiles, and other industrial materials.
Testing & certification of natural leathers, synthetic leathers, and apparel accessories.
Performance analytical testing of finishing agents and detergents, etc.
Testing & certification based on in-house or overseas standards, etc., specified by clients.
Testing & certification of the performance of new products, or newly developed products.
Testing/inspection/certification based on export or import contractual terms & conditions.
Other general tests on requests.
Government Agencies, using KAKEN as their designated testing body Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Finance Japan
Ministry of Health Labour and Welfare
Ministry of Land Infrastructure Transport and Tourism
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Ministry of Defense
National Police Agency
Prefectural Police Headquarters
Fire and Disaster Management Agency
Japan Coast Guard
Forestry Agency
Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Kanagawa Prefectural Office
Yokohama City and other local communities
Japan Tobacco Company
All Electric Power Companies
Japan Agricultural Cooperation and more.
Organizations, either accrediting or designating KAKEN Japan Textile Evaluation Technology Council (SEK Mark, etc.)
Consumer Product Safety Association (SG Mark Inspection for Camping Tents)
Society of Industrial technology for Antimicrobial Articles (SIAA Mark)
Japan Interior Fabric Association
Japan Chemical Fiber Association (Inspection body entrusted with Causes Analysis for Product Defects)
Japan Environment Association, Eco-mark Secretariat
International Down & Fiber Bureau
Japan Fire Retardant Association
Cashmere & Camel Manufacturers Institute
International Hockey Federation (Artificial Grass Hockey Field)
Japan Hockey Association
Japan Football Association
Interior Fabric Performance Evaluation Council
Japan Far Infrared Rays Association
Membrane Structures Association of Japan
Japan Down Products Cooperative Association and more.


A consistent improvement as a third-party testing organization representing Japan.

KAKEN TEST CENTER General Incorporated Foundation (abbreviated "KAKEN"), Japan Synthetic Textile Inspection Institute Foundation as its predecessor, Ministry of Commerce and Industry in 1948 (at present, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) has been established with the authorization.

By the subsequent public interest corporation reformation, it shifted to "General Incorporated Foundation" from "Foundation" and also changed the name into "KAKEN TEST CENTER" from "Japan Synthetic Textile Inspection Institution" on April 1, 2011.

More than 20 years from its establishment, while mainly engaged in the export inspection of a chemical fiber and a synthetic fiber, and a domestic demand inspection, it strove for introduction of overseas examination and test technology, and has contributed to development of the textile industry of our country, such activities as drawing up and updating of fiber relation JIS standards.

From the around 1970, started to apparel textile related examination business in earnest, and subsequent early in the 1980s, tackled each inspection / inspection business as imported clothing, is expanded steadily. The status is gradually established also about the overseas operations which made a foray from the mid-1980s.

Now, focusing on examination business, such as domestic distribution or an import, it is continuing the steady pace aiming at the third-party testing body of an international level and more global.

Dec. 1948 Established and authorized by Ministry of Commerce and Industry (at present Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry hereinafter referred to as METI).
Jun. 1953 Registered with Ministry of International Trade and Industry (at present METI) under the Export Commodities Control Law.
Feb. 1958 Designated by Ministry of International Trade and Industry (at present METI) under the Export Inspection Law.
Aug. 1988, Nov. 1988 Launch of laboratory testing services in Korea and Hong Kong, followed by Shanghai, various places in China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, thereafter.
Mar. 1998 Granted with the ISO 9002 Certification (Tokyo and Osaka Laboratories) (switched to ISO9001 in 2003).
Dec. 1998 Assessed and accredited by JNLA based on Guide 25 (Tokyo Laboratory) (switched to ISO/IEC 17025 in 2000). All other Laboratories located in Japan were accredited under the same system thereafter.
May. 2007 Assessed and accredited by CNAS based on ISO/IEC 17025 (Shanghai Laboratory).
May. 2008 Granted with CMA Certification (Shanghai Laboratory).
Apr. 2011 Changed the name of "Japan Synthetic Textile Inspection Institute Foundation" to "KAKEN TEST CENTER General Incorporated Foundation".